The Yogibo ELD program is based on a lucrative and diverse business model
♥︎ Exclusivity to a unique line of products in your territory
♥︎ Customer engagement by different, varied channels
♥︎ Solid e-commerce support that ensures online customers a seamless experience
♥︎ No fees involved… Timing has never been better
Are The
Is ELD the same as franchising? If not, what is the difference?
It’s a very similar program to franchising but much better because there are no fees and you’re still getting all the support and marketing you need.
Can I open just one store rather than multi-unit?
Our ELD program is for an entire territory or market rather than a single store*. Our territories are exclusive to each distributor: neither Yogibo nor another distributor may operate a store in your territory. The geographic area granted in a territory will typically cover an area of approximately 2 million people and a driving range (radius) of four hours. We recommend to have at least 4 stores in a territory, but require to have at least 2 stores.

*We are open to licensing agreements for single stores in the Northeast United States. Please contact us for details.

Why open stores? Can I sell just online?
That’s what we initially thought when we first started the company, but since our products are so tactile; it’s a challenge to convey how comfortable they are online. People want to touch and feel and once they try the Yogibo they fall in love with them. Our experience shows that without a physical presence, the profit potential is not as lucrative as it can be with it.
Sounds awesome, now talk to me. How much does it cost?
Our ELD program offers low cost investment opportunity with high potential return. Qualified applicants should have access to at least $150,000 in liquid assets. The necessary investment for an entire market can be as little as $150,000. We charge no fees and most of the investment is for working capital such as inventory and initial startup costs.
I’ve never sold furniture or bean bags before, what type of experience do I need?
Our product line and business model are unique. You and your team need to have passion for the range of Yogibo products plus experience in sales and operations. If you have those, we’ll provide you all the necessary tools for you to implement to be successful in the business.
I haven’t tried the product. Is it really good?
Yes it’s awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Order our best selling Yogibo Max or any of our other products at and see what we’re all about. Or come visit one of our corporate stores. You can find a listing here.

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Exceptional customer service, an interactive approach to selling and an unparalleled family of products combine for a one-of-a-kind retail experience. Distributors will benefit from our ten years of retailing success in brick and mortar retail, wholesale, ecommerce, and event sales. Explore what our ELD program has to offer and become part of our Yogibo family.

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